Push Comes to Shovel has paused development since June 2023 while I find the necessary help to get it finished. I’m not abandoning it, but it needs more help than I can handle on my own. The snow removal simulator has received much interest from Publishers since its inception, but it has yet to reach its vertical slice, so it’s been a challenge obtaining the necessary funding to continue development and hire the necessary help to continue work on the mechanics and systems.


While sourcing out the funding for PCTS, I’ve been busy with contract work and building another title that I know I can finish on my own. Of course if I run into funding for Gillbert, it will be used to help with some of the scripts and 3D artwork. This new IP is a vibrant 3D platformer called Gillbert (working title) in which you play as a stoic fish hero, abolishing all the evil fish to save the friendly ones.

Gillbert will be a mix of under and above water platforming in each world, with areas to explore such as Ruins, Desert, Caves and more. You’ll begin in a hub world where you encounter friendlies that help you learn the basics and educate you on your insane adventure. It’s a Collectathon, but you’ll need to free your caged fish friends and unlock new abilities in each World to progress.

Check out the Twitter and Youtube channels for more updates.